10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2021

Carmella probably isn't the only WWE star who wants to hide their face!

Carmella Mask

2021 was the year WWE got back in front of fans and on the road.

The weirdness of 2020's 'pandemic era', and the ThunderDome video wall that came with it, washed away as though nothing had happened. Sadly the same can't be said for familiar issues that have plagued the promotion for years.

Character development is often lacking, there's a tedious (and lazy) over-reliance on so-called comedy to sell major matches that should be heated, and almost everyone not-named Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar yo-yos up and down the card; maintaining momentum for its wrestlers isn't a WWE strong suit.

Some fared worse than others though. There are some seriously good pieces of talent on this roster that just...didn't get going in 2021. A few sucked and fumbled their way through matches and promos alike generally, but most of the crew here were given no chance to succeed in the face of horrendous booking and ideas so flimsy they'd blow away in the wind.

Behold the worst of the worst when it comes to the past 12 months or so. Here's hoping 2022 brings better things for these guys...

10. Jeff Hardy

Carmella Mask

A surprising start? Maybe.

Jeff Hardy might still play before some of the bigger live crowd pops on WWE programming, but he's been handled horribly and had some real stinkers this year. Indeed, matches against Cedric Alexander, Jinder Mahal, Karrion Kross and more were mediocre at best.

That's the best word to use when summing up Jeff's 2021, being honest. The less said about a stab at the bogus 24/7 Title, the better too - that was totally rejected by fans, and forced a scrambled rethink that...led to Hardy jobbing in the United States Title division instead. Yeah, hardly an upgrade there.

Most recently, Jeff also left a WWE house show mid-match. Fans are still waiting on an update, and it could be a routine injury issue, but some are worried that his all-too-familiar personal demons have reared their ugly head again.

At least his classic 'No More Words' entrance theme is back, eh?

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