10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2021 (So Far)

The second half of 2021 needs to be better for these struggling WWE stars.

Bayley Laughing

Everybody has their favourites.

Defending those faves against criticism comes easy when you love them, and there's nothing wrong with that. Wishing only the best for hard-working pro wrestlers isn't a bad thing, but good-hearted excuses only go so far. Being brutally honest, every single star on this list belongs here because they've had a largely awful first half of 2021.

So, who's to blame? WWE creative normally takes the brunt of it, and deservedly. The way those writers sling sh*t at the nearest wall or (worse) rely on some of the worst comedic material of all the times can be painful to watch, and it has done next to nothing for anyone involved.

Straight up though, some of your favourites have to shoulder a portion of responsibility, and they are going to pop up - it's unavoidable, but they're not here due to some mean-spirited attack. Nah, they're on a 'worst of' collection 'cause they're struggling badly on WWE's biggest TV shows, and it doesn't look like things will get better any time soon.

WWE's 2021 has had some big moments. For every memorable WrestleMania 37 showcase, Roman Reigns-led brilliance on SmackDown and Edge Royal Rumble win, there's been some serious nonsense to offset it...

10. Rhea Ripley

Bayley Laughing

What the hell, man?!

That could very well be your immediate reaction upon seeing Rhea Ripley kick this misery parade off. After all, she's the reigning Raw Women's Champion and was absolutely superb for the bulk of her NXT run. "Was". Since jumping up to Monday nights, poor Rhea has been rethought as a childish annoyance.

One minute, she's literally thumbing her nose at Charlotte Flair. The next, she's barking and bolstering claims from those who believe that Vince McMahon doesn't get the grittier (by comparison) presentation that created cult-like loyalty at Full Sail University for years.

2021 hasn't been kind to Ripley despite her title win then.

The fact that one of WWE's only selling points for Rhea is to shout, "JUST 24 YEARS OLD" on entrance graphics says it all. Christ knows what they'll do once 11 October hits and Ripley turns 25. No, it's not a good sign that this is a main discussion point for her year.


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