10 Wrestler Debuts That Blew Us Away

First impressions we'll never forget.

Big Show Debut

When it comes to first impressions in wrestling, it’s important to make a statement. A big one - one that will have an immediate impact on the fan base. If a debut is executed correctly, a star can be born in a single moment. This sets the talent up for success right out of the gate and almost guarantees them a nice, lucrative push for the foreseeable future. No pressure.

Of course, every wrestler in every promotion has to have a debut. Some are just far more memorable than others. Poor Xavier Woods simply appeared alongside R-Truth one week on TV out of nowhere. Cesaro first showed his face in a backstage segment on SmackDown alongside Aksana in the hopes of landing himself a contract. Even major stars like The Rock and Steve Austin entered the WWF to something that more closely resembled a collective shoulder shrug from the audience than unbridled love.

From time to time, though, a debut can rock the wrestling world in an instant. This fresh face (or a familiar one from a rival promotion) gets fans buzzing and makes them imagine where this new character is headed. These moments become iconic in wrestling lore and are part of the truly greatest moments in fandom. Though these hot introductions are rare, when they connect, they’re completely unforgettable.

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