10 Wrestlers As You've NEVER Seen Them Before

Or heard them, in one instance.


Have you ever seen The Miz wrestle in trousers that look like they're covered in lint? Of course you haven't; once WWE establish a particular 'brand' for one of their meticulously manufactured superstars, they strictly adhere to it save for the necessities of drama.

If a wrestler drastically alters their image, even their basic attire, you damn well know it means something.

Do you want to see The Miz in trousers that look like they're covered in lint? No? It doesn't matter! You're going to!

And it'll absolutely take you aback (assuming, for the sake of this intro's credibility, you didn't spy his unfamiliar pants in the article's feature image). That's before you even spot a hairstyle which surely inspired a certain Phenomenal One.

He's not the only one strutting his stuff as you've never seen them before here. There's one of his Ruthless Aggression contemporaries looking anything but (ruthlessly aggressive, that is), and two Evolution members in the early stages of their, um, evolution.

Best of all, we've a clip lined up of one of the business' most legendary superstars being anything but himself. It's a doozy, ooooh yeah (it's Randy Savage).

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