10 Wrestlers At Risk Of Missing Out On The WrestleMania 38 Card

These WrestleMania hopefuls look set to be a no show at The Show Of Shows.

Cesaro WWE

WrestleMania used to be the biggest payday of the year for wrestlers. Squeezing extra bodies onto the card in multi-man matches or battle royals might be the nicest thing Vince McMahon has ever done for his employees. Saudi deals have ushered in a new era of well paid “premium live events”, but chances are ‘Mania money is still worth the trip to Texas.

Still, the reward of a spot at “The Show Of Shows” is more than just financial. there are plenty of reasons to cherish a spot on the supershow card. Many WWE Superstars grew up watching ‘Mania and dreamed of performing on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.” Even if you’re not one of the “gratitude era,” a WrestleMania moment is the surest way to secure your legacy. These are the shows fans return to, and every single WrestleMania has had many, many more views on Peacock/WWE Network than your average Badd Blood or Over The Limit.

Sadly, not every superstar gets their chance to shine come 'Mania time. Even with the expansion to two nights and never-ending rounds of releases, there are still people on the roster who will miss out. We’re not just talking 24/7 goobers either.

With barely more than a month to go, there must be some men and women in the locker rooms beginning to suspect that this won’t be their year.

10. Finn Bálor

Cesaro WWE

Finn had barely returned to SmackDown before he was talking in interviews about wanting to have a third run in NXT one day. Hardly surprising given how badly things have worked out for him back on the main roster.

Despite looking the part as a Universal Title challenger, Finn was clearly a stopgap for Roman Reigns while we waited for an already-booked match with Brock Lesnar. He became another warm body for Reigns to beat, with their title match effectively ruining Bálor's previously well protected “Demon” gimmick.

A move to Raw did little to revive his fortunes. Despite reports he was set to become the brand’s top heel, the latest rumours suggest Vince has entirely given up on him. Lately he’s been seen going 50/50 with Austin Theory, but Theory was clearly the pushed project and Bálor essentially a prop that serves the story.

Finally, Bálor was omitted from this year's Royal Rumble, with photos emerging of him back home in Ireland. Though he’s supposed to be back in time for WrestleMania, he might be better off extending his trip. Of course, the version of NXT Bálor loved has been 2.0'ed out of existence. Which is a real shame, because it doesn’t look like he’s in Vince’s plans this WrestleMania Season.


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