10 Wrestlers Fans Hated For Dumb Reasons

They don't call him big match John for nothing.


It must be incredibly difficult to be a professional wrestler. Not only is it physically demanding, but depending on your position as a heel or face, you could receive a lot of unwarranted attention from fans. Whilst the more casual audiences tend to stick to what the company wants them to think, some of the more hardcore members of the community are not shy about vocalising their opinions.

For the most part, crowd participation is a big reason for wrestling's success. It's a medium that allows the audience to have a significant amount of agency in the show. But often, it can lead to some weird decisions that upon reflection, don't make sense.

Many wrestlers have suffered unjust distaste for things that really shouldn't be noticeable. This hatred tends to grow to a point where the performer can struggle to escape this critique no matter how hard they try. Sometimes superstars can't get away with anything because once the crowd have decided that they have done something wrong, it never leaves them.

In many cases, the reason for hating these wrestlers is outright dumb.

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