10 Wrestlers In WWE Who Are Dating The Competition

Even love can bloom on the Wednesday Night War battlefield...

Matt Cardona Chelsea Green

Dating in the wrestling community is the equivalent of dating in a small town: everyone knows each other and you know everyone's romantic history.

Wrestlers are drawn together due to the hectic carnival-like lifestyle of the business and from spending so much time on the road together, especially on the independent circuit when everyone’s trying to make it to the big time. And with social media being a huge part of everyone’s everyday lives, it’s easier to follow the private lives of wrestlers than ever.

WWE and AEW have been going up against one another in the ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ since October 2019, vying for viewership, ratings and key demographics. And WWE hasn’t been particularly good sports about it either, notably since AEW’s ‘Double or Nothing’ pay-per-view with many WWE talents congratulating/wishing AEW talents luck, which reportedly had the McMahon family 'ungodly furious at all those people who were tweeting'. So it’s newsworthy online when WWE wrestlers date, get engaged or even marry AEW wrestlers.

Here we’ll take a look at those in the WWE fold who are dating those in AEW, as well as IMPACT! and others.


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