10 Wrestlers That Lost Titles Due To Serious Contract Disputes

WWE, WCW, Impact, NJPW and ROH taking gold away from grapplers over contract conflicts.

chyna $1 million

Wrestling promotions can go out of their way to be petty and tactical when it comes to contract negotiations with its talent.

WWE in particular has fallen out with well-known Superstars in the past over contract disputes, with Ryback, Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair all quitting the company at one point over money.

It has also been known to discipline Superstars when they feel they’ve disrespected the company in some way, like Triple H being jobbed out for months after the notorious Curtain Call or Dean Ambrose repeatedly being buried by Nia Jax on Raw for refusing to resign, or even Brock Lesnar cleanly losing to Goldberg at WrestleMania XX after giving his notice five days before the event.

With all that said, WWE has no problem taking well-earned titles away from wrestlers when a contract dispute arises. And it’s not exclusive to WWE, with nearly every other promotion in the business of pro wrestling making its wrestlers lose or stripping them altogether of their championships over issues like pay, creative and management.

The following wrestlers know all too well about gold suddenly being ripped away from them by promoters and promotions...

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