10 Wrestlers That Love Their Lives Too Much To Retire

10. Daniel Bryan


Regardless of what his audience might think of WWE's output, Daniel Bryan referred (indirectly) to it as the stuff of "dreams". Dreams he fought incredibly hard for during an enforced retirement that came as a result of head trauma - the sort of stuff you simply don't risk unless you know you can.

Despite becoming a new husband and father with protective wealth and a relatively simple way of life, Bryan chased and chased and chased the chance of return until he actually f*cking managed it. On this evidence, what will ever stop him rushing after than canvas-shaped dragon?

The anxiety is still there amongst his fans - a radio silence following WrestleMania 35 had his core audience fearing the worst, but it's hard to imagine him not wrestling now, even if WWE won't clear him. The market is too fertile for a Daniel Bryan not to find new opportunities within, especially if the chosen promoters are willing to overlook the potential worst case scenario.

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