10 Wrestlers That Love Their Lives Too Much To Retire

8. Dustin Rhodes

It's all come deservedly good for Dustin Rhodes all at the right time.

Often where he was in the industry in part due to familial links, Rhodes only genuinely escaped the shadow of his father when he found the superworker during the early 2010s. Secure in the knowledge that Goldust was his meal ticket as much as he needed it to be, the former 'Natural' nonetheless upped his game to such a degree that his work was celebrated far more than it had been a full two decades earlier.

Alongside brother Cody, his tag team wars with The Shield served up some of 2013's best matches and moments, and cemented a hitherto unseen on-screen relationship they'd both quietly hoped would lead to a WrestleMania match.

They never got it, but the series of events following Cody's 2016 departure ultimately crafted a stage for them without the help of Vince McMahon.

After a seminal bloodbath against his sibling, Dustin signed a multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling, surely serving as much as an experienced sounding board for the many young talents as he will a reliable utility man when a credible babyface is called upon.

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