10 Wrestlers That Made Fans Change The Channel

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This is a positive list.

In the wrestling critic game, you see a lot of "too much negativity", "too much Triple H-bashing", and, oddly enough, "too much criticism". So there's almost none of that here.

Outside of this into, there will be no mention of Triple H and his channel-changing heat from the reign of terror and/or The Authority's vice-like grip on the product between 2013 and 2015. None at all.

"Changing the channel" comes with such negative connotations, which is strange considering the war-torn Wednesdays we remain enchanted by and the Monday Night battles that defined the viewing experience for an entire generation of wrestling fans.

Ratings, numbers and other similar measurables can suck the creative spirit out of any industry, but pro wrestling remains a theoretically fantastic destination for rewarding the talent that make the graphs point upwards. Especially outside of celebrated boom periods.

Almost all of the wrestlers in this list took viewers away from an opposing show or simply oversaw a spike in numbers that could be directly attributed to them.

Say what you will about 'The Game', but he never did that.

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