10 Wrestlers Who Allegedly Got Other Wrestlers FIRED

Allegedly! In the cases of Randy Orton, Booker T and Shawn Michaels, who WAS the Heartbreak Kid...

Randy Orton Mr Kennedy

This is an historical list because this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore, or at least, any attempts to f*ck over a fellow worker are pointless because hardly anybody gets fired anymore.

The day will one day come when Tony Khan must make a difficult decision he's not yet had the heart to. The entire world is living through a pandemic, whether you are empathetic enough to sell it like a serious respiratory illness that can be transmitted asymptomatically and kill grandma, or enough of a f*cking dumbsh*t to sell it like Johnny Impact's Starship.

But yes, we are living in a pandemic, and Khan has proven himself sensitive to it by not releasing anybody on a full-time deal able to make the tapings.

Over in WWE, meanwhile, Vince McMahon made the decision to address the pandemic head-on: not by testing against the 'rona, but by releasing a sh*t-load of his "family" in fear over not securing record profits. He dodged a bullet, did Vince. He nearly had to no-sell a timidly-worded shareholder query and not secure a new lick of paint for his f*cking yacht!

Black Wednesday however was an aberration. WWE can't allow AEW to grow, so they must sign every talent with minute name recognition and hoard the rest. Except Austin Aries.

It's on pause for now, this rarely-spotted sh*thousery, but it's not beyond the capabilities of a rancid industry...

10. Shawn Michaels / Marty Jannetty

Randy Orton Mr Kennedy

Marty Jannetty was as great in the ring as he was a rascal outside of it, which explains why he was fired and rehired so frequently in the turbulent 1990s.

Often, he'd return just as soon as he'd disappeared. He was simply that good at making people look good: his 1993 programme with the original heel Doink The Clown might just be the most underrated WWE storyline ever. He returned in 1993 after being fired in 1993, to bring that original point into focus, and old Rocker partner Shawn Michaels is said by Jannetty to have gotten him fired. Shawn told Vince that Marty was "messed up in there," thus ruining their underwhelming match at Royal Rumble. Jannetty claims Michaels was f*cked on somas and fell in his food the night before.

But all's well that ends well: an altogether nicer chap in the 2000s, Michaels appeared to look out for his old, wayward pal. Michaels even baptised Jannetty in an attempt to bathe him in the Lord's light.

"Our Father which art in heaven / Hallowed be thy name / Thy daughter come..."

Jannetty it turns out preferred the neon lights of the strip club, giving the whole religion deal all of a day.

Actually, no, it didn't end particularly well: Marty continued to go off the deep end in what is either a grim bid for attention or the next big Netflix true crime series.


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