10 Wrestlers Who Appeared In WWE, WCW, AEW And IMPACT!

And some who worked for ECW and Ring Of Honor too…

I'm seeing double here: eight dustins!
WWE/AEW/Impact Wrestling

There was once a notable period in wrestling where talent would continuously change territories or swap promotions for new horizons. Particularly in the Monday Night Wars, when wrestlers would commonly jump from WWF to WCW or vice versa on a weekly basis, not to mention ECW too.

This was down to the WWF and WCW being somewhat equal in ratings, pay-per-view buy rates and attendance - if a wrestler wasn’t happy with their spot or felt they were monetarily worth more in one company, they’d change allegiances. It was the norm back then – it wasn’t out of the ordinary ever since Lex Luger, eight days after appearing at SummerSlam and only one night after competing at a WWF house show, walked down the ramp on the debut edition of WCW Monday Nitro.

Cut to recent times where AJ Styles gambled on himself after TNA asked him to take a pay cut, so he left and revitalized himself in Japan to later sign with WWE, making him a much bigger star than at any point in his career. Or Dean Ambrose being so fed-up in WWE with their general direction and overproducing of him he let his contract run out to join AEW and be reborn as Jon Moxley.

Some wrestlers are journeymen who’ve seen everything when it comes to modern pro wrestling and we’ll celebrate them in this list.

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