10 Wrestlers Who Are The Best At Precisely ONE Move

Who is the master of the cutter: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, DDP or Will Ospreay?

Wardlow Undertaker powerbombs

Everything is borrowed in wrestling - to a quite ridiculous degree, actually.

Virtually every theme that isn't licensed is a soundalike of a licensed theme. It is flagrant. It's just as well the wider world doesn't give a damn about wrestling.

Gimmicks too. More than one person has played the 'Nature Boy'. The entire cast of Mad Max extras rocked up in wrestling after the Road Warriors - themselves heavily indebted to George Miller's 1978 film - got over. More recently, as great in-ring work became a selling point in an era driven by critical acclaim, countless wrestlers have deemed themselves the best in the world, the universe, to have ever lived or to ever live in the future.

And, of course, the moves. Kenny Omega's move-set is almost entirely comprised of originals, but even he has taken from the odd predecessor. In this post-tape trader, "hybrid" style world, the scene can feel homogenised. A lot of wrestlers use the exact same moves. Not all - being reductive is an exhausting, bad faith exercise - but it's difficult to narrow down which wrestlers don't have a suicide dive in their repertoire.

But who does (or did) the dive - and the spear, the moonsault and more - the best...?

10. Spear

Wardlow Undertaker powerbombs

Bron Breakker's new t-shirt is as on-the-nose as on-the-chest, but he does in fact have the best spear in wrestling. He hits it like he wants to fold his opponents in half backwards at the hip. It's an explosion of a move powered by his incredible propulsion and meathead physique.

Yota Tsuji's finish is good for what it is, but it isn't really a spear. He's not trying to burst through somebody, which is what separates the spear from its countless imitators. It's a tremendous lift and slam type variation, but it's not a true spear. Christian Cage and Adam Copeland, tremendous at everything else, are not honourable mentions. They get away with it almost because their dramatic timing is so expert, but as a move in and of itself, it was always a bizarre choice.

Bron has - present tense - the best spear in wrestling.

Historically, Goldberg had the best, and it's still unparalleled. It never will be beaten. His intensity is also unparalleled, and in his frightening pomp, he would launch it like he'd been told that he'd die if he didn't burst his opponent's appendix with his trapezius.


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