10 Wrestlers Who BADLY Need A New WWE Superstar Shake-Up

April 15/16 can't come soon enough for these Superstars.


WWE's third annual Superstar Shake-Up is coming.

A promotional clip that aired during this week's Canadian Monday Night Raw broadcast (h/t John Pollock) saw host Scott Stanford break the news, with the roster reshuffle confirmed for the 15 and 16 April episodes of Raw and SmackDown. Coming live from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this International Shake-Up will be the first to take place outside the United States, and promises much-needed change ahead of WWE's post-WrestleMania 35 season.

Though it's still more than two months away, the news couldn't come at a better time for WWE's struggling superstars. The main roster is crammed with wrestlers batting well below their career average. Switching brands doesn't guarantee an upturn, but it brings hope, and that's more than these talented men and women have on their current home brands.

Last year's Shake-Up brought 25 picks across the two nights, with a trio of NXT call-ups incorporated along the way. We'll likely see something similar this coming April, and with SmackDown set to become WWE's default A-show when the Fox TV deal starts in October, hordes of big names could turn blue in Montreal.

For their own sake, these wrestlers should be top of WWE's trade list...


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