10 Wrestlers Who Can HONESTLY Be Labelled A Genius

Cleaner I got this.


Obviously, for a list like this, to not preface it with honourable mentions feels disrespectful.

The Destroyer was a genius; his sequencing innovations formed the very DNA of the modern industry. Antonio Inoki basked in Rikidōzan's blazed trail, but his technical skill, fierce charisma, and eventual passing of the torch to Tatsumi Fujinami ushered in a new, more artful era of puroresu removed from its origins as an exercise in post-war wish fulfilment.

Terry Funk prospered as a beloved foreigner under this shift, and prospered virtually everywhere else as a wonderful worker who was both incredibly adaptable and the same, totally believable man at his core. Sinister but also hugely sympathetic, Funk was a polymath with arguably the greatest working punch ever. Chris Jericho was and is another master of reinvention - a performer, and this isn't stated enough, who deserves profound respect for not only his calling card, but achieving it under the scrutiny of wide exposure.

Shawn Michaels was a phenomenal seller and athlete; the Undertaker a performer just as terrifying when removing his hat as, somehow, hurling his colossal frame over the top rope.

But, in a list based not entirely on objectivity, there can be but 10 who didn't merely perfect the art, but advanced it...

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