10 Wrestlers Who Could Be AEW's HUGE Full Gear 2023 Debut

Someone will officially sign on as #AllElite at AEW Full Gear 2023. Who will it be?

Goldberg AEW

Well, it won't be Kota Ibushi.

Kenny Omega's long-time pal officially became #AllElite following Wednesday's 'go home' Dynamite festivities. Ibushi teamed with Omega, Chris Jericho and Paul Wight to beat The Don Callis Family (with mercenary member Brian Cage) in the wonderfully-titled 'Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Street Fight'.

Tony is still teasing something major for Full Gear though, but who could it be? Wrestling fans have already blown up social media trying to guess, and some of the picks are spectacular. Some believe it'll be a routine or even dull affair that sees one of All Elite's regular cameo guests finally put pen to paper.

Then, others think Khan is about to announce something that'll p*ss an awful lot of the hardcore fanbase off. That'd be a risk coming hot on the heels of signing Ric Flair to a multi-year deal.

If nothing else, there's a bit of buzz surrounding AEW heading into this weekend's pay-per-view. Will TK get it right and thrill his audience, or will this new signing be considered another misstep from a promotion that should know better?

Time to play detective!

10. El Hijo Del Vikingo

Goldberg AEW

It could be this guy.

Tony Khan did say in his post that the new signing is "known and respected by virtually every AEW fan". El Hijo del Vikingo has been turning heads since he began popping up on the All Elite scene as a guest star. Matches vs. Kenny Omega, Dralistico and various tags have wowed the fanbase.

Would Vikingo qualify as someone worthy of the pay-per-view signing treatment though? That is the question, because there would be some disappointed if he was the reveal. After all, El Hijo has become semi-regular on AEW programming, and even worked a tag bout super-recently on 'C' show Rampage.

Pinning Vikingo down to a contract could be considered exciting by Tony, to be fair. The high-flyer's best days are surely ahead of him, and Khan might adore the thought of booking El Hijo more frequently on 'A' and 'B' tier shows like Dynamite and Collision.

One to ponder.


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