10 Wrestlers Who Couldn't Hide Their Anger At Doing A Job

There might be crying in wrestling after all...

Charlotte Flair

In any other line of work, if you are given a task that isn't specifically within your remit - say it's well above your pay grade or well below, and the experience is either challenging or demeaning - you might react in the following way.

You might tut, angrily. You might exhale a lot and wear a put-upon, sarcastic smile. You might say something to the effect, if someone asks what's wrong, "Well, somebody has to do it".

This is passive aggressive behaviour that compensates for your unwillingness to boot right off - a cowardly yet almost involuntary way of communicating that you're not happy, because the workplace is a civilised environment and you cannot just do whatever you want and speak to whoever you want and stop your colleagues from coming in if you do not want to be around them CM Punk.

In wrestling, if you're asked to lose and you don't feel like it, you...act effectively the same way, which is less than ideal, since the match begins well before the bell rings. You're not meant to give the result away.

This phenomenon is known as "boo boo face" - and the following were all guilty of it.


10. Jonathan Gresham - ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022

Charlotte Flair

If you're Jonathan Gresham, you have a right to be pissed off.

That doesn't justify the expression he wore at Death Before Dishonor, but it does explain things. As mentioned in the intro, this sarcastic, detached body language is involuntary. The affronted person could do some breathing exercises when they feel a rage roiling within - it can be managed - but it's cathartic not to do that. Your ego has been bruised. You become more important than the situation - or in this case, the performance.

Gresham had reigned with the ROH World title for 224 days in a dismal time for the promotion; because AEW had subsumed ROH's selling point and gobbled up its entire market share, practically, only the ultra-committed gave a damn. Gresham was bumping and trying to perfect his craft and all anybody did was laugh at the blue dots on the seat map who weren't watching.

Then Tony Khan bought the promotion, and had Gresham lose in a 12-minute opener to Claudio Castagnoli. Not even given the dignity of headlining the show, Gresham neglected to wear his Octopus head gear and walked to the ring with a blank expression that one could easily infer said "Screw this".


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