10 Wrestlers Who Couldn't Hide Their Anger At Doing A Job

8. Lex Luger - WWF WrestleMania X

Charlotte Flair

Lex Luger was given the mega-push in 1993, and it did not pan out.

Newer fans, think Roman Reigns. Roman was the next John Cena when the older side of the fanbase had endured and grown to despise the original John Cena for a decade. Luger, with his patriot gimmick, was the next Hulk Hogan when fans at the time had already grown tired of Hogan and his increasingly corny ways. At least Hogan could still make them believe that he was in dire trouble simply by shaking sweat from his head like a recently bathed golden retriever. Luger celebrated a tedious and overlong count-out win over Yokozuna like he'd just won the winged eagle.

In contrast to Bret Hart, a humble workhorse who did a herculean three-match shift at King Of The Ring 1993, Luger crawled around America in a glorified limo.

Fans audibly preferred the Hitman, who they loved for his perfecting the craft, and the decision was made to make him the guy. He was coronated at WrestleMania X, but not before Luger was given his storyline shot resulting from the Royal Rumble 1994 double-elimination finish.

Now Luger did have one of those faces, but he didn't even make eye contact with the fans who slapped his hands when making his entrance. He just looked like he wanted to get his night over with, when a newly-crown champion should never want it to end.


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