10 Wrestlers Who Do The Same Spot EVERY TIME They Wrestle Each Other

Playing the hits...


In the mid-2000s, Ric Flair and Bret Hart engaged in something resembling a spat due to lingering comments in interviews and books about one another, relating mostly to their work between the ropes.

Their matches were never bad, nor were they the best they'd have in incredible careers, but the criticism specifically were somewhat puzzling. Each man accused the other of not being able to do much beyond the same few spots, citing the repetitious nature of said moves as evidence.

It was befuddling to a fanbase of outsiders that couldn't work out what either of them were getting at. Flair had his go-to's and 'The Hitman' was given the "five moves of doom" tag years before John Cena, but "having a moveset" isn't a crime against the industry. Flair and Hart were two of the - if not the - best to ever do it, knowing just how to incorporate their greatest hits in some of the richest and most dense contests in wrestling history.

There's an art to make a spot work once, let alone if you've seen it every match or a hundred other times before. This isn't a hit piece burying the incredible athletes listed, but a celebration of just how well they utilise what works best.

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