10 Wrestlers Who Found Out WWE Wasn't The Promised Land

10. Mike Awesome

In the original ECW, Mike Awesome lived up to his surname. Matches against Masato Tanaka and Taz wowed fans of the hardcore promotion, also catching the eye of officials over at WCW. Awesome was a mountain of a man who could at times fly around like a Cruiserweight, it's no wonder people were impressed.

Upon capturing him, WCW proceeded to completely ruin all of Awesome's aura. Terrible gimmicks like 'That 70's Guy' and the 'Fat Chick Thrilla' were hallmarks of his time in the company. Awesome must have been pleased when it was revealed the WWF had bought over his contract in early-2001.

Surely under the guidance of Vince McMahon, he'd thrive. Winning the Hardcore Title on his first appearance as part of the 'Invasion' storyline, Awesome didn't do much else of note in the promotion.

During a shoot interview following his release from WWE, the wrestler said backstage politics were horrible in the organisation and he was actually happy to be let go. At least for Mike Awesome, WWE wasn't the place to be.


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