10 Wrestlers Who Guided Other Wrestlers To Great Performances

9. John Cena Vs. The Great Khali (WWE One Night Stand 2007)

John Cena Great Khali

John Cena is a very smart professional wrestler. Sure, the wrestling part of all of this may not have been his strong point to begin with, but the former Doctor of Thuganomics blossomed into a sneaky-good big match wrestler. Cena may well be the best proponent of WWE's main event style.

The same can't be said about The Great Khali, a monolith of a man whose early athleticism had been destroyed by the time he arrived in WWE. Carrying that weight around isn't great for your knees, after all. With his best days long behind him, the Punjabi Nightmare was thrust into a variety of WWE main events and did just about as well as you imagine, which is to say not very well at all.

Khali lumbered through duds with The Undertaker, Kane, Batista and others, but it was John Cena of all people who managed to a career-best match out of the big man. The two did battle in a Last Man Standing match at One Night Stand '07, and Cena used all of his experience and smarts to, basically, take a beating from Khali before hulking up and hitting a show-stopping AA to retain the WWE Championship.

Was it a masterpiece? No, lord no, but Cena showed that getting a good match out of The Great Khali wasn't rocket science, it was simply a case of selling well and selling long. Big Match John, indeed.

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