10 Wrestlers Who Have Never Been Better Than Right Now

It's now or never...


Wrestlers have many ups and downs throughout their careers.

Some can spend years at the top; dominating the main event scene, constantly reinventing themselves and winning numerous championships. Others may toil away on the undercard for the majority of their tenure; saddled with dodgy gimmicks, getting 50/50'd, and forever struggling to get over.

Nevertheless, every wrestler's career peaks at some point, a period where they seemingly can do no wrong. Certain performers may be a mere flash in the pan, whilst others are industry-changing, but it happens to them all.

Bray Wyatt was an absolute shoo-in for a spot on this list a couple of weeks ago, arguably even the #1 spot. Then Hell In A Cell happened and all the mystique and magic of The Fiend, that had been meticulously built for months, was destroyed in a match that didn't even have a satisfactory conclusion.

Luchasaurus is another name who deserves a mention. A hamstring injury which caused him to miss AEW Dynamite for this and several forthcoming weeks arguably only helps build anticipation for his TV debut. Upon his return, expect this dino to soar.

These are 10 wrestlers who have never been better than right now...


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