10 Wrestlers Who Held The Belt Their Way

9. The Miz

MNM belts

The Miz defied the odds when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the 22 November 2010 episode of Raw and became WWE Champion.

Around that time, The Miz was still viewed as an up and comer, but also as someone who would never get past the mid-card. While having had decent runs with the US and the World Tag Team titles, he was never seen as someone capable of making it to the top. No matter how great the man was on the mic, he was just never that captivating in the ring.

When The Miz did make it, he needed a way to make the title his own. Especially seeing how the belt had been the John Cena inspired spinner design for five years by that point. The Miz simply rotated the WWE logo, so it resembled an 'M' for The Miz. Simple but effective.

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