10 Wrestlers Who Must Be Included In WWE Mae Young Classic 2

9. Chelsea Green

Shadia Bseiso Feature
Impact Wrestling

Despite what was shown during her time in Impact Wrestling as Laurel Van Ness, Chelsea Green is actually pretty good at the wrestling.

Debuting in May 2014 following training at Lance Storm's school, Chelsea spent a year on the indies before officially signing with Impact. Her time spent there saw her initially put alongside Sienna and Maria Kanellis as a 'popular girl' type star, which got her nowhere really. The later days of her Impact tenure saw her turn down a new dark path in her career following a failed wedding, which is where business picked up for her as she became the new Knockouts Champion. A gimmick that didn't really catch on with the audience is what she's best remembered for. Sigh.

Since departing from Impact earlier this year, Chelsea has spent most of her time competing on the indies once again. With nothing major really going on in her career, the Mae Young Classic could put her back on the right track and potentially result in a contract offer being made.

She better just hope they don't give her a stupid gimmick...


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