10 Wrestlers Who MUST Be Signed For All Elite Wrestling

Building a roster to take on an empire...


Though the prospect of an entire company built from the tangible excitement Cody & Co captured with ALL IN could allow one's mind to wander headfirst into a fantasy booking downward spiral, here are a few caveats before fantasy signing a fantasy roster for what is still currently a fantasy organisation.

This list won't be full of your ten favourite current WWE Superstars that wouldn't - or shouldn't - gamble a plum spot in the biggest organisation in the world for an as-yet-unproven new contender. Whilst escaping the McMahon empire had much to do with Cody's success, this potential start-up would only really appeal to those select that need a WWE out, rather than just want one to go and wrestle their friends. Consider the NJPW regulars under the same rules, too.

This list will also ignore the obvious - that is to say The Elite themselves. There's of course a chance that every part of this company's potential existence might be part of an elaborate work to get The Young Bucks et al the very best possible WWE deals following sage advice from new friend-with-business-benefit Chris Jericho.

Assuming everybody you see on the 'Being The Elite' credits plus 'Y2J' are already on board, who else could the crew turn to shore up a promising and diverse roster fit to fill an as-yet unclear gap in the market?


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