10 Wrestlers Who Ruined Their Bodies For The Business

Edge's physical sacrifices even made fellow WWE legend John Cena cry.

John Cena Edge Crying

It's actually amazing that hundreds of pro wrestling matches go off without a hitch every week.

The risks involved when even running the ropes are high, and that's before anyone digs into the dangers of belting one another with steel chairs or performing dazzling aerials. Hell, even landing the wrong way taking a basic flat back bump could put someone in hospital. This stuff is dangerous!

Fire up any shoot-style sit-down with some old veteran, and you'll likely hear them talking about a "bump counter" (or something similar). In theory, every wrestler only has a finite number of bumps to take before their body gives in. The workers examined within pushed that figure to the absolute maximum, and they paid/are paying the price for it.

These wrestlers ruined their bodies for the industry they love, and you might be surprised by some of the faces involved. You'll surely also be moved by reactions from fellow peers, or by the fact some of these folks are still actively in-ring in 2023.

All of them walked through pro wrestling's agony-filled 'Hall Of Pain', but they didn't get through in one piece.

10. The Dynamite Kid

John Cena Edge Crying

Sadly, The Dynamite Kid didn't get through at all.

He passed away aged just 60 in 2018, and that was after spending over 20 years confined to a wheelchair due to an accumulation of serious back and leg injuries. Dynamite's robust in-ring style was blamed for this, but the man also put huge strain on his body by abusing anabolic steroids.

That muscle gain put extra weight on his legs and back, which surely contributed to his issues. Of course, Dynamite's bump-heavy ring style caused problems too - the UK great pushed his body to the limit night after night, and he did so until it just couldn't take anymore.

Pictures and video footage of a depressed-looking Tom Billington towards the end of his life didn't make for pleasant viewing. This once-strong and once-strong man was reduced to a flimsy physical shell, and that took a toll on his mental wellbeing too.

Dynamite wrecked his body chasing a wrestling dream.


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