10 Wrestlers Who Saved Their Careers TWICE With Gimmicks

Born again (again).

God bless gimmicks.

That's not something that's so popular to say in pro wrestling nowadays. In an era that's grown obsessed with using realistic names and presenting characters as real people audiences can identify with and live vicariously through, there's arguably a lack of creativity and fun. Like it or not, working a gimmick fans treat with any sense of credibility that isn't done for fourth-wall-breaking sh*ts and giggles is nigh-on impossible in 2019.

Here's the kicker: gimmicks, when done properly and embracing their overt silliness, can be career-saving. It's true. There are countless examples of careers that were rescued by a memorable gimmick, and there are those who had their run saved twice by multiple personas. That's the focus in this list.

Before diving into each entry, be warned that you might not have enjoyed every single character discussed or thought they were in good taste. That can't alter the fact that they prolonged a wrestler's career, saved their jobs and kept them relevant on a stacked roster full of talent.


Again, God bless gimmicks, especially when they come in tandem...

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