10 Wrestlers Who Saved World Championships

The 10 brilliant workers who redeemed struggling world championships in a time of need.


It's easy to make a world title feel less important than it should be: quick title switches, lacklustre reigns, overbooked storylines, and so on. A world championship needs reliable booking and stellar wrestling to feel as monumental as it should be. It's a difficult job to be on top of a company or a brand - not everyone can have a Ric Flair NWA style reign with a major championship and even some of the best of all time have struggled with the responsibilities of being champion.

While championships always have the potential to go through down periods, what every important title will receive at some point in its history is a performer who re-invigorates the belt's meaning. Whether that's through miraculous in ring performances, brilliant character work or a mesmerising storyline, these heroic performers make audiences care about the fate of the titles after a period of apathy.

All ten of these wrestlers have done great work with the belts they were tasked to carry, making their opponents and their brands seem more appealing through their towering work on top. They have created long lasting memories, forged other stars through the matches they put on as a champion and have left the torch brighter than they found it.

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