10 Wrestlers Who Should Never Have Signed With WWE

Some guys would’ve done better to tell Vince to take his brass ring and shove it.

Jon Moxley

Since leaving WWE, Jon Moxley has shone a light on the difficulties and frustrations of working within Vince McMahon’s failing system. He has been unequivocal in his criticism.

There have been no punches pulled or fences creaking under the weight of Moxley’s muscled frame. He has nonetheless been careful to thank WWE for all they have done for him. He has good reason to be grateful.

Moxley joined WWE a decorated indie talent. He left the company a former WWE champion and beloved Shield member. The former Dean Ambrose is a talented guy and would no doubt have forged a decent career regardless, but these big league credentials certainly haven’t hurt.

Plus the narrative of Moxley, the man who escaped from the belly of the creatively-moribund beast, was part of the perfect storm that made him the single hottest thing in wrestling.

However, not everyone is so lucky. WWE has left a string of talented performers with tainted auras and tattered reputations over the years.

One caveat: your writer has no access or frankly interest in the following men’s financial remuneration. It may well be that WWE provided them with the means to live lives of luxury. Fair exchange for being made to look a bit crap at wrestling? Who can say?

As Seth Rollins was recently reminded on Twitter, it isn’t always about the bank balance....

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