10 Wrestlers Who Still Believe In Kayfabe

10. Danhausen

Donovan DanHausen

Ring of Honor standout Danhausen made his ROH debut in November of 2019 after making a name for himself on the indie circuit in promotions like Warrior Wrestling and Black Label Pro (winning the Black Label Pro Tag Team Championship with Ethan Page at one point). He labels himself as ‘Very Nice, Very Evil’ and has been referred to as ‘one of the strangest wrestlers in existence’.

Separating himself from simply being yet another tattooed wrestler on the indies, he caught the attention of fans in ROH and elsewhere with his bizarre promos and natural charisma. He engages fans with his ‘tequila time’, where he dances on the apron to The Champs’ classic ‘Tequila’ (you know the song) whilst attacking his opponents with rhythm and kicks to the face.

Danhausen showcases himself an eccentrically weird character who continuously sticks to kayfabe no matter what, from his ROH contract being signed on Halloween to interviews conducted with him being fully in character, no small feat given he has to laboriously paint his face every time he participates in one. He commits to the weirdness: he speaks in the third person, has attacked Rhett Titus with human teeth and visited Pro Wrestling Tees in full makeup/gimmick. He’s took the ghoul gimmick further in coffin matches too. Danhausen executes kayfabe better than most.

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