10 Wrestlers Who Turned Down Triple H

These wrestling stars all weren't that keen on playing ball with The Game.

RVD Triple H

With a returning or debuting face rocking up on an episode of Raw, SmackDown, or NXT seemingly by the week at this point, it has often felt as though just about every performer offered the chance to step into Paul Levesque's newly inherited world has jumped at the opportunity to bow down to The King of Kings, so to speak.

But that's not to say that Triple H has never experienced the odd refusal when giving a rising star a shot at making it in his former black and gold playground, offering an eye-watering main roster deal to some of the biggest stars in the business, or simply attempting to take a fellow worker under his experienced wing.

In fact, on more than a few occasions, the new head of WWE creative has found himself being dealt a rather unexpected "no" - or something much less polite - during a bid to come to an agreement with a wrestling sensation.

From The Best in the World telling the former boss' son-in-law where to go, to independent marvels choosing to turn down the chance to grow in his version of developmental, this lot simply didn't fancy playing The Game.

10. The Young Bucks Told Papa H No... FOUR OR FIVE TIMES!

RVD Triple H

In the time before the idea of becoming All Elite was even an official thing, Triple H reportedly had designs on bringing in the titular Elite as part of a shocking invasion storyline around 2019.

Said initial report by Dave Meltzer was then further explained by The Young Bucks a bit later down the road, with Matt and Nick Jackson eventually revealing how the then-head of NXT went about trying to turn The Elite's heads towards all things Sports Entertainment.

As the former AEW World Tag Team and Trios Champions noted to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, despite the company not even being aware of their eventual promotion even being a concept at the point of their negotiations, WWE threw "everything" at the group.

Despite this being the case, the world class pair would go on to decline Trips' offer to join the WWE machine "at least four or five times". Though the tag team icons would also stress that Levesque was a "charming dude" who "said all the right things".

All the charm - and money - in the world couldn't convince the eventual AEW EVP's to fully get onboard with The Game's vision of an Elite corner of WWE, however, and The Bucks haven't really looked back ever since.


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