10 Wrestlers Who Walked Out On Live TV

If you're gonna' quit, do it dramatically...

Bret Hart Shawn Michaels

Pro wrestling is full of bombastic, larger-than-life personalities living out the dreams of millions every week on live TV. It's also crammed with petty in-fighting, insatiable, fragile egos and tempestuous disagreements over everything from money and status to creative direction.

Sometimes, fantasy and bravado collide violently and boil over into a complete mess.

It must be a nightmare for any company when talent 'takes their ball and goes home', and it must be 10x worse when such tantrums happen right before they're set to shoot television. Frantic rewrites are a WWE norm (as they were in WCW, to be fair), but it must really get on Vince McMahon's nerves when workers storm out of the workplace mere hours before appearing on camera.

This is something that's happened a lot. As the bracketed info above suggests, it's not an annoyance exclusive to WWE - there are some examples from the toxic wasteland known as Ted Turner's WCW on this very list. Nobody should be surprised about that.

You might be shocked by some of the names and the stories attached to them though...


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