10 Wrestlers Who Were BEGGING To Be Fired

9. Ryback

Charlotte Flair Middle Finger

"Take off the weight belt", said WWE ref John Cone. "Tell them to f*ck off", replied a defiant Ryback. This spiky conversation took place during the Kickoff show portion of Payback 2016; there, Ryback wrestled Kalisto in a short match that's only memorable because of that aforementioned belt.

Look closely at the pic above and you'll see that it said, "The Pre-Show Stopper" on it.

That was a thinly-veiled dig at WWE. Ryback wasn't happy that he was repeatedly booked on the Kickoff, and he wanted to fire back at the company by lampooning Shawn Michaels' famous 'Show Stopper' nickname. It was a protest, one that was never going to end well.

Imagine Vince McMahon's face when Cone relayed Ryback's message back to Gorilla (if, indeed, he decided to tell them what the wrestler had said). The official also informed the 'Big Guy' that WWE demanded he perform "no more CM Punk stuff". Again, Ryback told them where to go.

He was bloody asking for it, wasn't he?


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