10 Wrestlers Who Were Hilariously Upstaged By Other Wrestlers

Stealing the spotlight has never been so funny.

The rock Faarooq

Being a wrestler is all about getting your own personal brand to be as big as possible.

You're selling yourself and it's of the upmost importance that you are seen, heard, and talked about as often as possible if you want to succeed in such a cutthroat business.

You can train hard, spend hours in the gym, watch hundreds of old promos to hone your craft, all in the name of getting the biggest spotlight on yourself. Or, you could just stand in the background of somebody else's shot and pull funny faces.

That's essentially what this lot did.

There are so many moving parts in wrestling, that it's impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen when and how it will be received. But few could have expected that these ten bit-part players would end being talked about far more frequently than the supposed main attraction of their segments.

Whether accidentally or on purpose, the following ten performers were all outshone by somebody who was not meant to be the main focus. Sometimes this had good results and, sometimes, it sunk entire careers.

10. Braun Strowman Gets Upstaged By Kurt Angle

In 2017, the world's angriest sheep Braun Strowman developed a real taste for tipping large things over onto their side.

He most famously did it with an ambulance, but returned to the hobby after a short break on the January 15th 2018 episode of Monday Night Raw. After flipping out at General Manager Kurt Angle, Strowman went on a rampage that saw him furiously invade one of the show's broadcast trucks.

After shoving everyone out, Strowman managed to life the cab of the truck up and flip it over in an unbelievable display of strength/special effects.

Unfortunately, the main thing most people will remember from this sequence is the lifeless delivery of the GM moments earlier.

When Angle was told that the Monster Among Men was on a tear, he remarked how worried he was about the vehicle being damaged. However, his delivery of the line "That truck cost twelve million dollars" was delivered with as much enthusiasm as someone reading out their shopping list.

Angle's cadence and lack of effort turned what could have been a serious segment into goofy comedy. It's all anyone remembers about it and was mercilessly ripped to shreds online at the time.


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