10 Wrestlers Who Were Punished For Obeying Orders

These wrestlers learned that even doing your job can come at a price.

Triple H

Like any job currently being done on this spinning ball of madness, a wrestler is required to do exactly what is asked of them when lacing up their boots and going to work in whatever promotion is currently paying their bills.

Should they not, then you can bet that consequences are about as guaranteed as WWE pulling the trigger on a Money in the Bank cash-in a week after the PPV, with these ranging from painful fines to complete termination of a contract.

However, not every form of punishment dished out by a wrasslin' company is brought about by a performer going completely rogue and unprofessionally catching both their colleagues and employers off-guard.

Sometimes actually doing the job you're being asked to do or following your boss' direction can also land you in the doghouse. In other words, often you simply cannot win. What a jolly industry, eh?

From talented stars producing the gold that was no doubt expected of them and being swiftly hand-cuffed because of it, to talents performing an act they fully believed was A-OK and getting fired for their troubles, sometimes even following orders can have disastrous results.

10. Triple H - Takes The Rap After The Kliq Are Allowed To Bring The Curtain Call To Life By The Boss

Triple H

There's not much more to add when discussing just how monumental the infamous "Curtain Call" was in terms of shaping and shifting how fans viewed the wrestling business for years to come. And while many were quick to point the finger at The Kliq for going into business for themselves and destroying a facade generations before them had been protecting for decades, the truth is a little more complicated than that.

Behind the scenes in 1996, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was said to have given the green light to a "farewell" ceremony of sorts at a Madison Square Garden show as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were soon to be departing the company. What soon transpired clearly wasn't what the boss had in mind, though. Yet, with Shawn Michaels acting as the promotion's poster boy and the other two top level guys saying "sayonara!" McMahon only had one option when dishing out some punishment in response to the incident: bury The Game.

Triple H's time in the doghouse didn't last that long, admittedly, but the record will always show that he was knocked down a peg for simply following through with a farewell that McMahon had approved in advance.


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