10 Wrestlers Who Will Only Be Remembered For One Moment

No matter what else they do, this is their legacy.

Nia Jax Becky Lynch Royal Rumble 2019

Wrestling is all about moments. Those unforgettable instances where a single snapshot in time can define an entire industry.

We've all been asked where we were when The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar, whether or not we cried at Ric Flair's (temporary) retirement, and how we felt when CM Punk dropped his infamous pipe bomb at the end of Monday Night Raw.

Iconic moments in wrestling are something everyone in WWE is striving to create. However, some careers can be overshadowed completely by them; and they can be good or bad.

Whether it be botching or nailing a promo, injuring an opponent, or doing something jaw-dropping in the ring; decades of hard graft in the industry can effectively be boiled down to just a few seconds.

The men and women on this list have done far more than whatever moment is linked to their legacy, but I defy you to see their name and not think of that one thing they're known for.

These are ten wrestlers who, regardless of whatever else they do, will always be remembered for one moment...

10. Evan Bourne - Shooting StaRKO

Nia Jax Becky Lynch Royal Rumble 2019

Evan Bourne aka Matt Sydal is a phenomenally talented high-flyer. He's a former WWE tag team champion with Kofi Kingston who has had success wherever he has ended up; winning gold in New Japan, Impact Wrestling, Dragon Gate, and Ring Of Honor to name but a few.

Nevertheless, when you think of the man formerly known as 'AirBourne' your mind instinctively turns to that time he was snatched out of the air by Randy Orton for one of the most spectacular RKOs in WWE history.

It really is a thing of beauty...unless you're on the end of it I assume.

WWE knows it overshadows his tag title win too, which is exactly why they uploaded it to their YouTube channel mere days after he signed with Impact Wrestling. You could almost say it was...outta nowhere.


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