10 Wrestlers With The Most Dangerous Auras Ever

When making a scowling face doesn't make you intense - featuring Bryan Danielson, Taz, and more...

Bryan Danielson

Possessing a dangerous aura isn't a prerequisite for being an awesome wrestler.

Bret Hart wasn't an especially threatening performer; he was simply so skilled that his virtuoso technical ability convinced fans that he had a great chance of winning irrespective of the size of the opponent. Kenny Omega doesn't play with a gruff, intense demeanour; despite equipping himself with the most vicious-looking signature in all of wrestling, his is a more theatrical disposition. Hangman Page in a relatable, uniquely millennial development portrays a sensitive character unable at times to grasp just how explosive and powerful he is.

Perhaps they sense that projecting danger is impossible because the quality is inherent. It can't be faked. When it is faked, the person doing the faking looks unintentionally hilarious. There is nowt more laughable than somebody pretending that they're hard (see: one in every one-and-a-half social media post).

Possessing a dangerous aura isn't a prerequisite for being an awesome wrestler - but it helps.

Even if certain pro wrestlers attempt to portray a dangerous aura, it takes more than a slow walk and some corpse make-up to get it done...

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