10 Wrestlers WWE Fired For Stupid Reasons

Don't choke, don't fart and DON'T show too much personality...

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One of the mountainous tasks facing every WWE wrestler is pleasing a system that, often, cannot be pleased.

This is a company that randomly shies away from calling pro wrestling anything other than the in-house replacement of "sports entertainment" (only to suddenly call it wrestling again), and one that has more childish quirks than Family Guy's Peter Griffin on his worst day. It's a weird, weird place at times.

For evidence, look no further than this assortment of workers who were fired for the dumbest reasons imaginable. Some claim they were canned because they dared to question Vince McMahon in front of others, whilst others were sent packing for merely living their lives, trying to start a family, being forgetful or having a few sociable drinks with friends.

There's a little bit of everything in here, including bodily functions, concerned parents who became the bane of WWE office staff, heartbroken souls who needed to vent their frustrations and even someone who was sacked for bloody smiling.

Welcome to WWE - a place that has fired more employees for stupid sh*t than they might care to admit...

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