10 Wrestlers WWE Gave Up On In 2020

What happens when WWE creative totally gives up on wrestlers? This happens...

Aleister Black

Maintaining support from those and such as those in charge of WWE operations is tough.

Just ask the assortment of wrestlers shunned by the decision-makers during a completely batsh*t 2020. They found out first hand that consistent backing from Vince McMahon and his merry (or maybe not-so-merry this particular year) band of creative team members isn't nailed on even if you're doing everything asked of you.

Think about that for a second: WWE stars can do everything in their power to make things work inside the ring, steer clear of trouble away from it and still find themselves struggling for TV time. It's a cruel business, one that owes nobody any favours...right? Certainly seems that way, but it's nonetheless agony to watch from the outside as the company put a big red line through some hard worker's name just because.

This happens a lot, of course. Listen to someone like Bruce Prichard wax lyrical on his podcast and you'll hear how 'that's just the nature of the business'. True, though (again) definitely harsh. These men and women all experienced varying degrees of lost faith.

They're the ones WWE gave up on this year...


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