10 Wrestlers WWE Shouldn't Rehire

Triple H shouldn't be tempted by ANY of these bold WWE returns post-Vince McMahon.

Braun Strowman Adam Scherr 2022

It's always horrible when you boot up Twitter and see endless smart-arsed comments from fans about which WWE stars should lose their jobs. Advocating that someone lose their livelihood is frankly awful, and it's important to remember that these are men and women with families - they're not just souped-up TV characters.

Rehiring them though? That's a wee bit different.

Triple H must learn from the mistakes Vince McMahon made. Of course, 'The Game' should analyse the former Chairman and CEO's successes, but he has to be wary of leaning on a re-signing policy that's both lazy and deeply unsatisfying for fans/customers. Some wrasslin' returns are best left on the cutting room floor, basically.

Exactly none of the workers listed here would add anything to the current product. In fact, in some cases, they'd actually take things backwards and act as worrying signs that Hunter was cherry-picking the worst McMahon habits to pad out episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

So, nobody's suggesting that these lads and lassies shouldn't be in pro wrestling full stop. That'd be ridiculous, and everyone's entitled to earn their corn. However, they don't deserve another crack at WWE. Here's why...

10. Shane McMahon

Braun Strowman Adam Scherr 2022

There goes the moneeeeeeeeeeey!

The fact that Shane McMahon was scrapped by his own daddy was some start to 2022. Being fair, Shane's ridiculous reported behaviour at the Royal Rumble (he wanted to be the bout's MVP) probably p*ssed everyone off, and it's a sure sign that this 'Boy Wonder' thinks he's the second coming of Brock Lesnar.

WWE doesn't need another Shane O'Mac ego flex, nor does it need those bloody rabbit punches that are less UFC and more playground fight. Don't get it wrong - in his prime, Shane was a credit to the product, but those days are very much over and there's no call for another go-around.

What would McMahon add to Raw or SmackDown anyway? He's an overbearing presence, so playing a background character is never going to suit him. WWE's focus should be on new stars, not the old overseer's adrenaline-spike-loving son.

Those who adore Shane will always have memories via WWE Network.


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