10 Wrestling Chants That Changed Everything

9. "We Want Flair!"

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In 1991, the unthinkable happened - following a contractual dispute with WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd, Ric Flair was fired from WCW. Never mind the fact that Flair was WCW's World Heavyweight Champion and the company's top star. Never mind the fact that he was advertised as defending his title against Lex Luger at The Great American Bash in two weeks. Flair was canned.

"The Nature Boy" went to WWE for a brief, mutually-beneficial tenure, but that didn't help the fans in attendance at the Bash, who played audience to one of the worst wrestling shows ever. Knowing full well that Flair hadn't been defeated for the title and that he was in possession of the physical belt, fans collectively shat on the show and its new title match of Luger versus Barry Windham. Throughout the evening, chants of "We Want Flair!" echoed through the Baltimore Arena.

This turned into one of the earliest instances of fans hijacking a show, and the same thing continued to happen at WCW events when Flair showed on up WWE TV. Finally, "The Nature Boy" returned to WCW in 1993, but a legal dispute with the company in 1998 removed him from television once more and led to scattered reappearances of the "We Want Flair!" chant.


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