10 Wrestling Christmas Gifts For 2017!

The Christmas List of Jericho.

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Tis the season for Bob Holly! Fa la la la la, la la la laaa! Yes, if the endless loop of George Michael and The Pogues at your local supermarket hadn't already made you acutely aware, the festive season is well and truly upon us. We've already had our first round of 'snow chaos', not to mention a few Daily Mail articles decrying 'PC gone mad' with regards to school nativity plays (no, really), all of which means the big day is rapidly approaching.

For wrestling fans, that translates to there being just over four weeks before Christmas Monday Night Raw. Oh boy. Best get shopping for the occasion.

Squared-circle aficionados tend to be pretty single-minded about their passion, and there's nothing wrong with that! It does make them an absolute bugger to buy Christmas presents for though, especially when that obsession often means they already own all the latest books, DVDs, apparel, and in some cases, $1000 replica belts going.

If you're struggling for ideas of what to send to Xanta Klaus, that's perfectly understandable. Thankfully, our Christmas List of Jericho is here to help you out.

10. Pain By The Authors Of Pain

Foley claus
WWE/ Super Collider Press

Thanks to this frankly unbelievable anthology of poetry, Akam and Rezar can now claim to literally be the authors of Pain. And as Mankind would attest, there's much joy to be had from it - just look at some of these titles:

- I Cry When Daddy Calls Me Hawk

- Akam's Rezar

- WWE Crash Cage Playset

- A Poem Featuring Rick Bognar for Some Reason

Absolutely stellar stuff.

£3.10, Amazon

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