10 Wrestling Details That Aren’t As Important As You Think

These details might have felt big at the time, but they really weren't.

Ronda Rousey The Rock

Wrestling is all about details.

Details are what turns a super dangerous move into a safe one. Details turn bland faces and heels into interesting tweeners. Details can transform an average wrestling story into one of the greatest of all time.

So, naturally, wrestling companies usually ignore their own details completely and just forge ahead without them.

This is a crying shame. If companies just paid more attention to the plot points and character beats they themselves set out, then they would vastly increase the number of stories they could tell.

Until that happens, wrestling fans will just have to contend with regular oversights, so let's take a look at ten of the most notable and most frustrating examples of this annoying trend right now.

All of these details have been built up as big deals in one form or another only to get dropped with no real explanation.

Some are more fan driven, but some were actually the product of the wrestling promotions themselves. They may have been overlooked for a number of reasons, be it injury, poor timing, or just plain old forgetfulness.

10. Famous Family Members

Ronda Rousey The Rock

Wrestling history is full of famous second-generation wrestlers who carry their parents' legacies with them as part of their gimmick.

Randy Orton was accompanied by his famous father during his early days, David Hart Smith wrestles as Davey Boy Smith Jr., and half of Cody Rhodes' act is that he's the son of The American Dream.

However, sometimes a wrestler's famous lineage is never discussed on TV. The key example of this is Curtis Axel.

The son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Axel had plenty of nods to his dad's most memorable character hidden in his act. His kayfabe first name was in honour of his father, he used the Perfect-plex as a finisher, and even came out to a modified version of Perfect's old theme song.

Despite all this, his parentage was rarely ever acknowledged by his opponents or commentary. They just decided to sweep the fact that Axel was related to one of the best technical wrestlers of all time completely under the rug.

We're not saying all second-generation wrestlers have to be exact replicas of those that came before them. We're just saying it would be nice if wrestling companies used their history to tell interesting stories.


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