10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (15 Nov)

Vince McMahon being a rebel, John Cena's quirky pre-match rituals and more...

Daniel Bryan Adam Cole SmackDown

Last week's episode of SmackDown was a bit throwaway overall and couldn't top what had come just seven days before it. Roman Reigns vs. 'King' Corbin wasn't a worthwhile follow up to a fresh-feeling Adam Cole vs. Daniel Bryan clash, and the general buzz of NXT intrusion was dialled down over in the UK.

Things would've been even worse for Reigns and Corbin had Bryan's original plan been given the green light.

Find out what the retooled babyface had on his wishlist in this week's article. Other facts are a little less wrestling-centric and a lot more out there. They see workhorses having a little WrestleMania fun at the expense of another's parents, insane travel schedules back in the 1990s, an unlikely addiction to Tic Tacs that almost got out of hand and much, much more.

There's also a Vinnie Mac thread running throughout most of the entries. The boss man's facts include some marijuana chat, what he told Tyson Fury when the boxer was training for a WWE run, his "friendship" (if one could call it that) with Donald Trump and how he reacted to Kofi Kingston's pre-debut vignettes when he didn't think Kofi was listening in...


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