10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (July 19)

Stone Cold's house show payoffs, poor Baron Corbin, America's Most Wanted and more...

Baron Corbin is tainted goods in the eyes of the hardcore wrestling audience.

Fire up social media, punch in Corbin's name and prepare to be blasted with endless comments about how much he 'sucks', is 'boring' and is 'everything that's wrong with the product'. The truth is that Baron, whilst obviously not a super-worker, isn't as crap as some would like the entire fan community to believe.

He's overcome a lot to get to this point, just ask Seth Rollins. Corbin's on screen rival is in this week's article with a little bit of support for the much-maligned baddie. According to Rollins, big Baron had it rough down in NXT. Find out why by reading on.

Other facts look at Bayley, The Hardy Boyz, Eugene, Rusev, Tommaso Ciampa and the one and only Tom Magee. Elsewhere, find out why the Big Boss Man had to explain himself to cops in 1999, why Lex Luger apologised profusely to Hulk Hogan and why WWF house shows changed dramatically whenever Steve Austin was booked on the card.

Ladies and gents, here's the 'Stone Cold Payoff Formula'...

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