10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (May 24)

Hulk Hogan's nightmare, Drew McIntyre's jealousy and a prosthetic penis...

Steve Austin What

Four little letters, one simple pronoun and millions of dollars.

Steve Austin's "What?" catchphrase became a phenomenon when he first started shouting it in the faces of all comers in 2001. Fans lapped up the trolling nature of the remark, and it's still heard whenever workers take a promo pause in 2019. Critics fall into two camps: they either think it's funny or they bloody hate that it throws wrestlers off their game mid-speech.

If you've ever wondered if Austin tested his new phrase before using it on television, then do we have a story for you in this week's article. You'll find out who was one of the first to hear "What?" and the bizarre circumstances that pre-empted its use on programming. There are nine other big wrestling facts too.

Learn how much Ryback made for headlining a WWE tour in 2012-2013, hear who Drew McIntyre was jealous of for having UK success, and read all about a weird nightmare that left Hulk Hogan sweating. Then, as if that's not enough, there's one hell of a story about WWE Divas and prosthetic penises...


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