10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Oct 19)

Woooooooo, brother.

AJ Styles Daniel Bryan

It may be happening in a country WWE don't feel comfortable mentioning on television right now and be hidden behind other, more glamorous matches on the same card, but AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan is kinda' a big deal for purists. This, surely, will be the best proper wrestling match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

There's no way world-class workers like Styles and Bryan can fail.

'Fail', that's an interesting word. Rewind back to 2009-2010 when TNA attempted to beat WWE at their own game by ushering in a new Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff-led era of splendour. The same men who had rained on Vince McMahon's parade with WCW in the mid-90s were there to do it again, and they had some excellent tools at their disposal.

One of them was AJ Styles. After years of wowing fans in thrilling X-Division matches and making a name for himself as a true TNA original, AJ only needed some star power to elevate him. As revealed in this week's article, Hogan had a plan, dude.

If that's the main event, then think of other facts about Austin Aries, John Cena, The Hardy Boyz, Rikishi and more as the undercard. Much like AJ vs. Bryan will be in Jeddah, they're no less enticing because of that...


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