10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (6 Sept)

Triple H's reason for arguing against CM Punk's WWE push was...interesting.

Chris Jericho AEW

Chris Jericho has his AEW Title back and all is right with the world.

It obviously wasn't good that the legend lost his prize and kicked off a worldwide search for it, but (as some have pointed out on social media) it did give AEW some free mainstream press. Now, the wrestling fandom can get on with the important stuff, like sharing ridiculous facts about public nudity, US Presidents dressing rockstars, vultures, p*ss and asses that may/may not be "too big".

All of that is here, and more. In addition, find out what iconic announcer Jim Ross really thought about All Out, learn which industry giant gave the old GLOW show a big thumbs up, hear who has three different contracts with WWE and get clued up on what was going through Nikki Cross' head when she bagged herself a Women's Tag-Team Title belt.

As if that wasn't enough, there's a story from Bruce Prichard on what kind of unique process the WWF used for years when auditioning announcers. No, it didn't have anything to do with selling random objects or impressing anyone in promo class. It had more to do with breasts...


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