10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (August 16)

Pancakes, rocking chairs and how Chris Jericho changed WWE.com forever...

The New Day Pancakes

Pancake. Power.

There are a lot of things that don't make sense about New Day's act, but their fondness for baked treats has to be right up there. Watch any WWE broadcast the fun-loving trio are on and you're likely to see them throw pancakes out into the crowd or pour them out of a cereal box (!?) into fan mouths. It's totally weird, and yet it's 100% over.

This week's article dishes the deets on how New Day's love of pancakes came about. It's not as calculated as some might think; Kofi, Woods and E didn't sit around visualising them as part of the gimmick. It happened by accident due to Woods' creativity on the road one night, and it's quite the story.

Other facts look at how Becky Lynch uses social media to gauge interest in her storylines, why SummerSlam means more to Christian than WrestleMania ever will and more. There's also a fact about Bray Wyatt's old rocking chair, Drew McIntyre's post-WWE release chillouts and news on how Chris Jericho's signing helped change the way WWE produced online content forever...


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